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Virtual Architect Instant Makeover 2.0

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3 Easy Steps

Simply choose our library of paints, roofing, windows, doors and other materials. You can even create custom materials using your own digital photos. In minutes, you’ll transform your old living space into the fresh, modern space you’ve always wanted.

3 Easy Steps
Designing Your New living Space Has Never Been Easier
Preview New Colors, New Materials and Much More!

Virtual Architect Instant Makeover 2.0


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Easily Plan Home Makeovers Using Your Digital Photos
  • Easily plan home interiors and exteriors in 3 Easy Steps!
  • Compatible with virtually every digital camera!
  • Includes a library of name-brand materials
  • Import digital photos of your home's interior and exterior, then just point and click to redecorate!
  • Instantly change paint colors and materials - flooring, roofing, siding, countertops, windows, doors and more. Plus, create custom materials using your own photos!
  • Create "Before & After" Pictures for printing or save as JPGs!
  • Helpful and Professional home improvement tips from Virtual Architect's Video Library!
  • Powerful perspective & rotation tools apply materials realistically into yournew room!
  • No Architecture or Design Experience Needed!