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Beautify Your Home's Exterior with
Virtual Architect Landscaping Design Software

There’s never been an easier way to plan and visualize beautiful, new outdoor surroundings than with Virtual Architect’s software. From lighting, pathways and plants to decks, gazebos and more, this powerful, easy-to-use landscaping software lets you transform an outdated yard and garden into a flourishing, fresh and functional landscape – right before your eyes!

Decks & Patios
Creating your new deck or patio is easy with the Deck Builder Wizard - just select materials and dimensions to create your space, then add plants, fences and accessories for that finished look! It's never been easier than with Virtual Architect Software

Hardware & Accessories
Make your property’s outdoor living space totally unique with custom features that work for every season.

Lighting and Irrigation
Add lighting to flowerbeds, shrubbery and pathways, plus pop-up sprinklers with different spray ranges.

Plant Encyclopedia
Our Plant Encyclopedia has more than 7,500 trees, plants, flowers, shrubs and groundcover options with important information about light, watering and soil requirements.

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See Your Landscape Design Seasonally

Fences, Gates & Walls
Build fences and gates with complete control over the number of posts, post size and rotation.

Add Landscaping to Digital Photo
Visualizing your new Landscaping is easy - just import your digital photos into Virtual Architect sofware, add plants, fences and accessories and within minutes, you’ll have created a new, distinctive outdoor space!

Design in 2D or 3D
Simply drag and drop trees, plants, and flowers from our massive plant library. Even see the size of plants as they grow from year to year, making planning easy. Then view your space in 3D to fine-tune your design.